well the weather outside is frightful...

Baby, its cold outside!! Yesterday I left work (busy until the last second) and walked to the close train station taking baby steps the whole way, because not only was it raining down little bits of freezing rain, but the sidewalks were completely covered with it. Blah. Everything was covered in it. Including the cars (no fun!). But, another reason Travis is the sweetest guy in the world?! He was driving by my train station when my train arrived, and stopped to help me scrape my car. ::swoon:: I have the sweetest guy. A slow, careful drive home and we were snuggly locked in for the night.

I did some cooking... but forgot pictures (too hungry!). I'll share the recipe anyway, so easy.
  • First I started some water to boil for my mini-shell pasta (follow directions to cook, drain saving a ladleful of noodle water).
  • While the water and pasta was doing its thing, I cubed up a ham steak and threw that in a pan to brown a bit.
  • I added some pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.
  • Toss in a healthy amount of frozen peas and stir until heated through.
  • I added a clove of garlic then (finely chopped), gave it a stir, let it cook for a minute or two then turned off the heat.
  • To the drained pasta I stirred in a container of ricotta cheese, then re-added the ladelful of pasta water.
  • Once that was incorporated, toss in the ham and pea mixture, and a cup or two of parmasean cheese.
  • Season liberally with salt & pepper, basil & chives. Manja!!
Very tasty... even Trav liked it.

Today is still nasty out, raining and cold... but at least it isn't icing again.
::knocks on wood now that I've said that::
We have two events at work (which I hate, why the hell schedule two events for the same day?!) so I have a lot of busyness ahead of me. Not to mention preparing for the conference fast approaching (two weeks and a day until I leave for Chattanooga). In fact, I have to run in just a minute to get the first meeting started. But hopefully today will fly and it won't get too crappy for my trip home. Plus, I have a dinner out tonight to look forward to (we normally eat out the day before Valentine's Day because who wants to deal with the crowds).


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