goodnight moon

Last night was filled with unexpected nice things. First there was Trav emailing me to ask me if I wanted to go out to dinner (yes please!). We met at Bennigan's and had a really enjoyable dinner together. When I asked him what the special occation was... he told me he got a bonus! Very exciting. We determined we would use that, plus our tax return/refund to pay off my car. How nice it will be... not only will we have no car payments, but then we have X amount more every month which can go towards savings or towards paying down our home equity line. :-) Plus, all that was making him feel much more financially comfortable, which I'm very happy to hear.

Also while at dinner we saw on the TV they had playing in the background that there was a lunar eclipse set to occur with peak viewing time between 10:01 and 10:55pm. The next one isn't supposed to occur until 2010... so we definitely wanted to check it out.

I didn't take this picture myself (my camera isn't quite good enough for that), but this is from last night's eclipse and looks just like what we saw out our window (beautiful!). Our bathroom window to be exact... because that has the best view of the moon this time of year.

Otherall it was a really nice night. The kind that has you falling asleep smiling.

Well, another busy day ahead of me... so off I go. Ciao!

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