snow, shoes, and other frivilocities...

So, just a few days ago I was walking outside enjoying the unseasonable warmth... today I packed my flats (more on those below) and wore my boots because I knew my feet would be wet by the time I got into work thanks to the lovely winter weather we're having. When I woke up there were already inches of snow and the flurries were still coming. I actually considered a snow day, but with at least four people out of the office today, I figured I should probably be there. Now that I'm at work, the flurries have stopped, but this afternoon is supposed to bring freezing rain... and of course I forgot my umbrella. Yuck.

At least it is friday! Now lets hope this crappy weather doesn't mess with my weekend plans in new york!

So, to be completely frivilous (don't you love saying that word? I love it almost as much as saying gerkin...) for a moment, I really want to talk about shoes. Normally I'm not a big shoe girl... I like earrings, oh how do I like earrings... and bags too. But shoes, don't care so much. However since I've bought these shoes:

(in green herringbone, not brown), I've barely worn a different pair. I think I have found the perfect pair of casual flats. I know, big boast. I've talked to at least three people lately who've talked about how they just want to find a pair of flats with x, y, and z... and all I had to say was, check out these puppies. Oh yes... x, y, and z right there for you... with no q, because who wants that in a shoe. Pi-sha.

I totally love these shoes.

Anyway, that was random and frivolous (hehe), but why not. I'm here, freezing my buns off, wishing I were anywhere but work. Why not think about silly things for a bit? :-)
Well, anyway, at least I have a nice weekend to look forward to. Ciao!

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