yin and yang

Good and bad news today. The good is about the nice day I had yesterday, and I'll just recap that a lot more briefly then I would have.

I woke up late... 10:30, which was nice (I needed the sleep), except that the timing for the Terminex man was 11-1. Opps. Talk about a shot of adrenaline! I had my teeth brushed and was showered by 10:45, dressed and completely ready by 11. Of course the guy wasn't there by 11, but he did come at 11:30. I ate, then took out the trash, and that's when I realized it was gorgeous out! Sure there were huge black clouds, but it was sooo warm and around/behind those clouds there were bright blue sunny skies. So i went for a walk, very nice. Then I enjoyed some guilty pleasure, anthony bourdain. And not just any mr. bourdain show, but mr. bourdain in china. Yes, yes, yes. Love it. After that some dishes (because I always feel guilty if I don't do something on my day off). Then it was time to head to dinner with Megan... which was really nice. I was a little nervous because we hadn't seen each other in person since my wedding, but it was really nice.

Now the bad. Jan's father passed this morning. Its been a long process... even before the end days started, he'd fought off cancer for a year and a half. Its a small comfort that he isn't in pain anymore, towards the end he was quite uncomfortable, but only a small comfort. I can't imagine what Jan is going through at the moment, they were quite close, and it makes me so sad that I can't be there for her (florida). Whether you pray or not, please send your prayers/healing thoughts/positive juju her way. I'm sure she'll need it all.

Back to work, much to accomplish... and more to figure out as it seems my boss won't be traveling to Chattanooga with me as originally planned. To say I'm a little nervous would be an understatement.

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