valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Its nicer out today... so maybe my theory about Mother Nature hating this holiday, maybe it was a little off. It's still cold, but sunny and pleasant out. Which is nice since I have an appointment in an hour that I have to walk outside for.

As for the holiday, Trav and I went out last night to celebrate. We normally do this for two reasons... 1. No crowds, no need for reservations, just a relaxed, quiet dinner we can really enjoy... and 2. It means a quiet, romantic Valentine's night at home. So last night we hit up the Pearl (have you noticed that we love that place?!) and had a great sushi dinner. We ate a ton of great food, after which we headed home and immediately fell into content food comas. Great for snuggling.

Tonight... well we're are going to take it easy. Easy dinner, relaxing together... it will be really nice.

Enjoy the holiday, y'all. :-)

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