chattanooga, part 1 - where there is actual fun involved

I'm sitting here in the business center of the hotel checking my email and listening to two camera guys talk about lights... its like the nerd mating dance... I'm hiding my face behind the computer because I can't help but laugh. So dorky, so cute*.

Anyway, on day 2 here in Tennessee and things are going fine. Not that I expect things to go badly yet... there really isn't anything going on yet. But the flight was good, easy, on-time... and last night I had dinner with LehighMary. Brenna is sick with a stomach virus, so she couldn't join us, and unfortunately that means no zoo trip today. Oh well, I'm just hoping the little one feels better. Mary looks great... so cute with her adorable belly, and I swear everytime I see her now she looks more and more like ChattaMegan. I was disappointed when I got back to my room last night and realized I had forgotten to take any pictures at dinner... but we had a nice time.

Today has been lazy so far, although I will actually have to do things soon. I slept in, ate a relaxing breakfast with our awesome AV guy, and here I am. Next on the agenda is meeting with our contact here at the Choo Choo, then meeting our onsite conference guy and setting up the registration table for early arrivals. Hopefully after that I can cut out for a little with our AV guy and do some touristy stuff. Tomorrow the real fun begins!

Well, time to get this show on the road... but that was the short update. Ciao!

* Camera guy 1 just walked over to me and said, "I bet people don't notice you here and you get to listen to lots of interesting things." I had to laugh...

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