my beau is great

Happy early Valentine's Day from Trav. :-)

My guy is so sweet. He wanted me to enjoy my flowers all week, not just on Thursday and Friday... so yesterday I got a special delivery around mid-day.

Aren't they beautiful?
And they are actually even nicer now (since they had time to unfreeze!!). What a sweetie I have.

On a political tangent, I wanted to share two videos that I've seen recently... both are Obama, and both are pretty neat. The first is the "Yes We Can" video, beautiful and inspiring. The second is him giving four reasons why you should vote for him. I thought it was neat.
I'm not trying to change anyone's minds with these... but I just wanted to share, and encourage everyone (DC primaries today, PA's on Tuesday April 22nd) to vote and have their voice heard. The power of your voice is what makes the United States great.

I'm excited for change. I'm excited for a new face, new ideals, and hopefully a newly united nation. I was listening to the Beatles earlier... and for a minute I felt this overwhelming feeling of futility. Like the time for amazing change was past. Like we, as a people, had missed our opportunity.
But the fact is, now is the perfect time for change. "Now" is the beginning of a new era, a changing world, a new day.

I'm so hopeful.

Okay, enough of that... lots of work to get done. Have a fabulous day.

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