that time of year...

Today is nasty, nasty, nasty... I have my heat jacked all the way up, but I'm still cold. I think it sucks so much not just because of the temp, but because it is cold and windy and the rain, oh sweet mother mary, the rain. Unrelenting, wind driven... you come inside just feeling damp all over. Ugh.

BUT today is still wonderful... you know why? Well, there is the fact that its friday, which is always great, of course. But more so, today is great because: Girl Scout cookies. It is girl scout cookie time, and Trav just emailed me to say that he got three boxes. Red, Green, and Purple... aka Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas. These are our favorites, though honestly, I love them all (I'm hoping someone in the office will buy some Lemonades to share).

Speaking of food... my newest obsession: Food Blogs! I think most of you could already guess that food is one of my biggest weaknesses. I. Love. Food. (Period)
Seriously... brings me such pleasure...
Anyway, I was already reading two semi-regularly (see Cooking Confidential in the side bar, and in her side bar the link to Anthony Bourdains blog... huba-huba), but neither is updated too often (and honestly Bourdains' is less food blog as travel & food blog, but details details). Well, I recently added You Tasty Little Things (I need to make her Lemonade cupcakes) to my daily reading list and then I was checking out some of the blogs nominated for Weblog Awards, and found The Food Pornographer. I think I am hooked! She photographs the food beautifully, it all looks amazing and her desciptions serve perfectly to further my hunger (it helps that we seem to have similar food-loves). Dying for sushi now, or some good garlic-ginger chicken, or some Indian. Not to mention, this fish shaped resealable soy sauce? Rock my world!

I should really start photographing the stuff I make. It would serve a great double purpose of helping me improve my picture-taking skills, plus it would be a nice addition (I think) to include some of my favorite recipes here with pictures. Mmm, now my mind is off and running, what to make tonight?!

ps. Playing with template changes today. Trying to update to the new templates with widgets, which I know NOTHING about. Not sure if it will stay... won't if I can't figure out how to get my banner/sidebar working the way I want them to work. Bear with me.

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