ice cream

Who doesn't love a soft, cold, delicious bowl of ice cream every once in a while? When its hot out and you don't really feel like eating anything that will fill you up, a little bowl of ice cream can be divine! It cools you down, and gives your belly just a little light something-something.

Of course, it was not at all hot out this weekend... not even close! In fact, it was so cold and blustery on Sunday that we didn't even leave the house! But what can I say, when you want some ice cream, you want some ice cream. So Saturday we did make some.

The Christmas before last, I got Trav an ice cream ball. We've had some fun with the thing and pull it out periodically to make some homemade ice cream. If you want to make your own, the food pornographer has a recipe here.
For us its easier... and harder, all at the same time. Easier because you just throw all the ingrediants in the ball (cream, sugar, vanilla extract... and in this case peppermint extract and chocolate chips... big yum)! Harder because then you actually have to kind of do some exercise... rolling the ball back and forth is easy at first... harder as your arms start to hurt and the stuff inside starts to harden. I didn't get any pictures, but it was damn good.

As for other weekend activities... well we headed to Ro & Pat's on Saturday night. First Trav helped Pat hang their screen door which had been ripped from its hinges on a particularly windy day last week. Then, dinner and two movies.
28 Weeks Later was not nearly as good as 28 Days Later, but it was still fast paced with good jump in your seat moments. I really liked Jeremy Renner as Doyle (and ended up seeing him again - SWAT was on tv on Sunday), and always like Robert Carlyle. The ending was also left wide open, which made it disappointing as far as endings go, but was the perfect set up if they wanted to do another sequal. I would watch the sequal, but definitely wouldn't go see it in the theatures.
The Brave One with Jodie Foster was okay... not bad, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. It seemed like the were following the x, y, z format for a hit movie... violence (and plenty of it), sex (weirdly inserted scenes from her memory), and an internal struggle (actually both main characters had one in this case). I actually liked the ending though, so that saved it a bit for me.

The rest of the weekend was lazy. Sleeping in, some laundry, lots of snuggling and watching movies. It was too cold for outside activities (and even worse today... its currently in the teens and only calling for a high of 25*).

For now though, back to work. There's tons to do!

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