little freak out

A little freak out... just a little one.

Couldn't sleep last night because I kept running over and over in my head the fact that I would be the one and only rep from my office at this conference in Chattanooga. First the first time, ever. I've never gone alone... and it's a bit scary. Yipes.
I mean, its not like I'll really be alone. There will be a few other guys there that help us with conferences all the time. And its not like I don't know exactly what I'm doing... I have done around a dozen or so of these before, including one at this same location. But its the first time that Miyano or my boss won't be there.

::deep breath::

I do feel better about it then I did last night. I sat down and wrote out a timeline for my travels, then printed myself a copy of the agenda and marked it up a bit with my "have to do" items. Just having it in print helped me feel better. I'm sure it will be fine.
Plus I really am happy to do anything to help Jan out. And rocking this conference without needing to bother her or her husband (my boss) is a way to do it. So do it I will.

All this change is a bit discombobulating though. We got a new intern today and I was the one to schedule her to start, but color me surprised when she showed up. Sometimes when big things happen around you its hard to remember that the rest of the whole is still going on the same as always. A bit of a scramble, but luckily we do have plenty for her to do! It will be great to have her help.

Okay, back to the grind.

ps. Hi William. :-)


  1. Hi Again. Are you going to stop in and see Barry? Mary (lehigh mary) is livingin Chattanooga too now isn't she?

  2. The plan is to get together with Mary & Brenna... plus who ever else can join us (Casey, Barry, Megan, Chattababy, etc). Mary, Casey, and I went to Lehigh together, so its always fun to see them. Plus, I really want to see her big belly. :-)

    We'll have to see how everything works out timewise. But if we do get together, I'll try to remember my camera to document the occation.


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