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Yesterday's post was brought to you by my complete inability to focus on my blog for more then one sentence at a time. I was REALLY busy, but wanted to say something. So I would say one piece of something, then go do some work and come back to say another piece of something. That clearly does not work for me, as I ended up with about 6 pieces of blah.
Lucky for you though, last night I took some nasty smelling vitamin things that Travis got me which are supposed to make you "relaxed and sleepy". Of course, all they really did was make me physically unable to force my eyes to open for more then 10 seconds, but actual sleep? Nope. So I was able to use that quality time to think of a few things about which I wanted to blog.

First off,
Happy Birthday Mike!!!
He is the first of my multiple February birthdays.

I also wanted to tell you about the wonderful way in which Travis and I spent our evening last night. Cooking and cleaning. I can feel your excitement mounting!
No, it really was a good thing. Brian and his fiance, Stacey, are coming for dinner this evening. Their house is gorgeous! So, obviously we didn't want them walking into the disaster area that was our house last night. Opps. As I said, it was a busy January. Anyway, all in all our house now looks pretty damn good! Of course in my dreams when we were done cleaning we magically had non-pink walls and new carpet, but other then that it looked almost as good as I had hoped. No more piles of papers all over, my clothes are now carefully contained in my closet and drawers, the bathroom is spotless, and we have a dining room table again. Woo-hoo. Of course, here's hoping they don't look under the beds or in any closets... ;-) Lol.

So today has been pretty uneventful. I've been keeping very busy all week, and today is no exception. Of course there is my big ole flub in that I forgot about an event that I have to stay a little late for this evening... but luckily I will still get home at the same time, if not right before Bri and Stace get there. Oh boy.

Okay, busy day... off I go.

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