snacking - good vs. evil

Today I am so much more relaxed. It is definitely at least in part due to staying late last night and getting a bunch of work done. I'm sure it is also partly because it is friday. Yay! I love fridays, and always seem to be slightly more productive. Something about knowing that the busier I stay, the faster my day will go, and the sooner the weekend will arrive. Plus I am all comfortable in my jeans and casual dress.

Although maybe I was a little too relaxed earlier when I was chowing on some Cheese-Its, and ate it down almost to the bottom of the box... oh boy. It wasn't a full sized box, but one of those snack boxes. Still I probably ate about 3 servings of Cheesey goodness before I realized it. Having small healthy snacks (okay, so Cheese-Its probably don't count) is a good thing for your body and a great way to eat better... but I have a tendancy for my snacks to turn out to be neither that small, nor that healthy. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?
I'm not always bad... I do bring in things like fruit, hummus, and carrots... but when I get a craving, like today, watch out. I'm trying to be better, and I'm determined to lose a little bit before the wedding (according to George and Barbs scale, I already have!). Wish me luck for that.

Okay, off to be productive and hurry to my weekend. Enjoy!

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  1. I know a number of people who are cheez-it lovers. I'm more of a chocolate fiend myself, but I'm trying to go for the hummus and be good for at least another month of two. Then all bets are off probably.


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