This is funny, because that movie is too.

It's almost bedtime, but I'm not ready yet... Travis headed up at 9. So now it is quiet and dark, and I'm just sitting here, patrolling around. I'm sleepy, but not tired. I'm enjoying the quiet time so I'm not quite ready to turn in yet. So here's a little bit of random crap for your enjoyment...
(also check out Amy's blog... which I added a link to at the bottom of the list...)

Meegs --


A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

How will you be defined in the dictionary? at

Then there are these...

Minx Exchanging Erotic Gratification and Stimulation


Tantalizing Romeo Adeptly Volunteering Intense Stimulation

ps. Yes Barry, I love the feel hockey... :-)
Don't get excited, I only played in middle school for a little. I much prefer floor hockey.

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