just another manic monday... ahhhahhahh... i wish it were, well saturday actually.

I love the weekends. I know this is probably obvious to most people, but i feel like I have to say it, especially when the weekends are as wonderful as this past one was.

Saturday we had a meeting with the hotel people (where our wedding is being held) and we took care of all the details that we have to worry about before the wedding... besides the taste-testing which we will do in April. It was a fun meeting, and it was a relief too! Then we headed home for a bit before I went to Megan's for a free Mary Kay facial thing. It was all of her bridesmaids (except for her youngest sister whom is in Japan), and we had a great time. I tried to be good but there were two "sets" that I couldn't pass up (especially since because I bought the one I get my make up done on the day of my wedding for free... and since Megan got it too, we can both use that to get our makeup done free at each others weddings). So I guess I am now Mary Kay's bitch. On my way home it was snowing pretty fast, but the roads were still clear, though a bit wet and slick. I got home no problem, we relaxed, snuggled, it was good.

Sunday, well if you saw my post yesterday, you know what we woke up to! It was gorgeous, and i did end up venturing outside in the afternoon (when it finally stopped snowing) to help Travis dig out our cars. It was actually a lot of fun and felt good to get a bit of a workout. Otherwise we watched movies all day (all three LOTRs) and snuggled a lot.

This morning I was so glad that we had dug the cars out! It was still a pain in the butt to drive to the station, but I can't really complain because I'm just glad I didn't have to drive any further!! The roads were pretty bad. Completely covered in ice and slush. It's pretty damn chilly too.

Right now I'm pretty happy overall... I got a lot done between staying late last week, and then just working hard. I am back to a managable work load, and am hoping I get a bunch done today. I also created a day-by-day general schedule for myself. Obviously what I do day to day varies depending on what events we have, etc... but this is for the regular stuff that I do everyweek. As opposed to just haphazardly doing it as I get it (and feeling like I am all over the place), I will have one day a week that I focus on certain items. I get them done that day, and that way they don't overwhelm me. We'll see how this works out.
Plus the wedding stuff is progressing nicely, and while looking for florists is just a bit of a pain, I'm having a good time looking at invitations and will be getting my save the date stuff soon.

Okay, off to get my working going. Ciao.

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