everything is so much better on the weekends...

Saturday rolls around and I don't even think or care about the rest of the week, past or to come. The weekend just makes everything better.

Lately work has felt like a bit downward spiral. The boss just keeps adding more things to my list of daily/weekly (basically the regular rotation of) responcibilities... and I am feeling completely overwhelmed. He's a great guy, but he's one of those guys that has to have his hand in everything, and since I work directly for him, that means that I get to have my hand in everything too. I know that it is a sign of his confidence in me, but right now its just driving me crazy. ::le sigh::

Honestly, life is pretty good. I'm so happy (period). With Travis, our relationship is better then ever... and the wedding planning is going very well. I think we're actually ahead of the game on some things! . Yay! Plus we have awesome friends (dinner thursday night was a lot of fun! and can't wait for the super bowl party!), and so much exciting stuff this year to look forward to. It's just work that's bringing me down a little.

Hopefully a few nights of (unfortunately unpaid) overtime this coming week will catch me up so that I don't feel so insanely... well its like i'm running a race and everyone else got a 20 second head start.

But that is neither here nor there. Because it is the weekend! And as a rule, I don't worry about work on the weekends... its a sanity saver.

This weekend should be particularly nice... especially after the insanely busy weekend we had last week (which was also good, but very tiring). This weekend the only actual set plan we have is for Sunday when we are heading over to George's to watch the big game (LET'S GO STEELERS!) with him, Barb, Pat, a! nd Rochelle ... and who knows who else. It should be A LOT of fun. Other then that it will be tons of relaxing, and sometime today (after Trav gets back from the grocery store) we'll head out to go shopping for our Valentine's gifts to each other, our wedding bands. :-) I'm very excited for that, for obvious reasons.

Okay, well time to go shower my dirties away... but before I forget, a quick shout out to Ollie and Amy. I saw the comment you guys left and wanted to say Hi!! It's been too long and I hope you are all doing well. I'll drop an email soon.

Okay, time to get my day going!

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