good day

It's a good day. Nice out with a sunny sky and warm weather. I'm enjoying it because it is supposed to get cold again tonight.
No boss today, so it is a good day for working at a relaxing pace and getting done with I need to get done. Plus it's friday and I have a three day weekend ahead of me.
Hopefully I can use my monday off to get started on the search for a wedding florist. I'm ready for this planning to be over. (Although, just as a side note: I have the BEST Bridesmaids EVER!)

This weekend is the first of many bridal showers I have coming up, which should be nice. Other then that it is relaxing and recharging after a good but LONG week.

And finally: Happy Birthday Espo! Hope you have a great one!!!!!!!!

Another engagement photo... for those of you that have seen Zoolander, this is "the look".

And this one is just cute... :-)


  1. thanks for the bday shout out! its really my bday this time ;)

    your engagment pics are cute! tell trav i say hi!

  2. I had to comment on the pittsburgh jersey! NICE. I'm a PA native living in North Carolina, where it was ANYTHING but warm and sunny today....maybe PA and NC switched out for the day...anyways...just had to say nice to see the PA Steelers being represented....

    - Jon
    - Daddy Detective


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