Happy Valentine's Day.

There are lots of things from the news that I have been meaning to write about:
ahem, Dick Cheney (::snicker::), Michelle Kwan (sad, but inspiring nonetheless), Britney Spears (grrr, don't even get me started), the cartoon debate (actually, trying to steer clear of this one), etc etc etc. But today is Valentine's Day, and thost things are so meloncolie, so I'm going to talk about something much better, much more special.*


Today is out fifth Valentine's Day together, and our last as "single" people. We already treated each other to our official V-Day gifts (our wedding rings), but he has already made me feel so special today... without even spending any waking time together.
I found a heart of chocolates and a card on my bad downstairs waiting for me.
And there was a rose and a card on the drivers seat of my car.
(Sorry the pictures are blurry, I had to do a screen capture and then edit out the junk to get them... we are still waiting on the CD of pictures from our photographer...)

I am blessed to have Travis for my fiance, my partner. He is honest and faithful, loving and funny, smart and considerate. I've seen what can happen when just one of those things is missing, and it makes me realize how special what we have really is. Our relationship is a blessing to me, and keeps me sane (or at least relatively...).

He makes me feel so special and loved everyday. Today is just the icing on the cake.
Sometimes it is easy to feel like the luckiest girl.

Tomorrow we go out to dinner at Simon Pearce.
Tonight we stay home... ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

* Feel free to comment on the news if you would like however... I'm interested to know what you think.

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  1. Just remember that he makes you feel special now. It is good that you posted this becasue some day he will leave his underwear somewhere where it is not supposed to be and you will forget that he makes you feel special. :)


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