Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Wow, I knew that it was snowing a bit, but wasn't expecting it to still be snowing when I woke up this morning... especially when we already have this:

These were all taken from the front door, or through a window because I think I'm not going to be so brave as to actually venture out of the house today! Although Travis was!!

It's pretty funny because I guess the wind was blowing towards the back of our house, because you can't see anything through our kitchen window, it is completely covered in snow.

Okay, well I'm going to go drink some of my new hot chocolate (thanks mike and megan), and snuggle with my boy... enjoy your snow day!!!


  1. Wow! I remember those days! Looking at those beautiful pictures, I actually miss it! Here in Florida it is a "freezing" 60 degrees, and we are bundled up (seriously)!
    Enjoy the snow!

  2. whoa... that's crazy (and very pretty). the photos remind me to the 1993 snow storm. i was still a freshman in Lehigh at that time, and on some areas, the snow piles were actually taller than me. some people went skiing to class from Dravo...


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