love mondays when i don't have to work.

I feel a little spoiled when i don't have to work on a monday. Not that I mind feeling spoiled every once in a while.

The weekend was nice. I had my first wedding related party of the season this Sunday... for Kim, the sister of one of our good friends, who is now also a friend. Her wedding is coming up in May. Very enjoyable.

My wounds are all healing nicely too... Saturday was a rough day for me. I took a long walk in the morning and ended up with a blister. I was making lunch when I got back and burned my wrist reaching into the oven. It was lovely that while it did blister, I didn't have to worry about dealing with a blister because the skin stuck to the oven rack and ripped right off. How nice for me. Then walking between the kitchen and the living room I caught my foot on a painting we had leaning against the wall and bruised my toe. Then while peeling potatoes later that evening, the peeler slipped and gave me two slices on the side of my hand.
Luckily I seem to be done with the hurting myself thing. I don't know if I would have survived more then a day of that!

Well, there was more I wanted to write about... including something I was thinking about in bed last night (involving life and adult decisions and people thinking that there is a certain age when it is appropriate to make such decisions, but really life is short and you don't know where one day will lead you from the next... and while yes, people learn eons more in their 20s then in their teens, I'm sure they will learn even more in their 30s, then in their 40s, etc... and are they just going to sit around and wait for the learning to stop before they make a decision? because if they do, well, they will quickly find that life has passed them by, and they have done nothing with it). But I'm not going to write about those right now, because today is a day for light thoughts and light activities.
I'm going to Michael's, and I'm going to pick up some wicks and make a new candle from some old ones. :-) And it is going to be great.

Update: here is my candle...
By Meegs
Isn't it cute? I'm pretty proud of myself.

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  1. with the dangerous things happening to you recently, be careful with the candles!
    And on a serious note, I get what you're saying about age and decisions. With an impending birthday, I've been thinking a lot about my age and life (and what I've accomplished and where I am in my life), and I don't know what sort of desicion you are trying to make, but I'm sure that you will be happy with whatever you choose no matter how uncommon or unpopular it may be with people in their 20's.


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