half way there...

Okay, so the one bad thing about having monday off, is that I still have 5 days worth of work to do, but now have only 4 days to do it in. Busy. I might have to stay late again, but c'est la vie.


Lauren, my sweet sweet hoser, was the best and helped me out with my first wedding DIY project... our save the dates. I made the cards, she cut them out for me, then last night while watching some boob tube, I attached all the magnets to the cards. They are now completed, in envelopes, and stamped. I'm going to take some time to go thru them and type up the addresses using the cards themselves (on which I hand wrote all the addresses), and then they can be mailed. I'm rather proud of them, I think they turned out great.


I'm having some trouble this morning getting into the swing of things. Last night, my sleep was horrid. I must have drifted off and woken up about 30 times before I was able to really fall asleep. Needless to say, this morning I was exhausted.

Oh well, I'm here now and have to try to get this show on the road.

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