so much fun

First of all, lets get to some fun that I have neglected for a few weeks.


Well, I think its fun anyway... its something light-hearted and different... and today I will use it to once again showcase my obsession with Angie:

If I looked like that without my close on... I would walk around naked a lot more! It just doesn't seem fair... ;-)

Lol, anyway! Last night was our dinner at Simon Pearce * (the restaurant that came highly recommended to us and that we were considering for our rehearsal dinner). It was AMAZING, and we are totally set that this is thee place for use to have our R.D.! I got Horseraddish Encrusted Cod, which was perfect. You could taste the horseradish, but it wasn't hot to take away from the rest of the flavor... and the crust was perfectly crisp to compliment the soft flakey fish. Travis got the Filet... which was also divine. You almost didn't have to chew it, it practically melted in your mouth! And the sauces they put on them were heavy and rich, but not at all overpowering. We were both way more then just impressed.
It is also a fun place to visit... the restaurant is upstairs, but when you first walk in you get to see the place where they do glassblowing! It's really neat to see, especially when you then go up to eat and are eating of of plates and drinking from glasses that they made. The guys are really friendly too and will answer all your questions about the process, all while they are making new pieces right before your eyes.

On our way home we stopped at Kay's to pick up our wedding bands, which came in nice and fast. Mine fit perfectly, but for some reason they screwed up Travis' part of the order and sent him a band that was 3 full sizes too big! So they had to reorder his. Good thing we decided to do this part nice and early!!

Okay, back to work!

* Ro and Pat, we highly recommend this place to you. It is only about 20 minutes from your place and it is worth every penny. Great if you are looking for an elegant restaurant for a special occation.

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  1. Yeah we are into that. Pat says he is into the whole blowing thing so would not mind dinner and a little blowing action.


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