One for the Thumb!

Monday, Monday...

Before anything else I have to say this, which really belongs in the last post, but due to blogger sucking some ass this weekend, I couldn't add it. A big ole Happy Birthday Ethan!!! goes out to my brother who turned a whopping 16 years old on Saturday. I can't believe it, I really can't. It seems like just yesterday that little knit cap on his newborn head. Anyway, that was first order of business. :-)

Second and third are Happy Birthday Grammy and Phil!!! Because Saturday was also my grandmother's birthday, and today just so happens to be Phils! Crazy huh? That ends the run of February birthdays that we had, there is one more this month, but that comes later. Oh, and I think I might have missed out on this one on Friday, so... Happy Birthday Tucchi!!!! Okay, that's all of those!

Well, moving on... as you all know, Steelers took the Superbowl yesterday. While it wasn't a great solid game like the AFC championship, the end result was right. It's awesome that they got their first SB win since Travis was alive, and I'm glad they did it while the Bus was still with them. He deserved the win, and that is the best way for him to go out. Not only with the SuperBowl ring, but by finishing off with the biggest win in the town where it all started for him. I wish they had done it a little more soundly... you know, passing the 50 yard line sometime before the second quarter, and without the interceptions... but their were some great moments: Parker's record breaking run for one, and the perfectly done play with Antwaan Randle El's TD pass to Ward. Those made it good.

Another fun note from the weekend... Travis and I were able to order our wedding bands! So that is exciting. :-) We went simple, 14k white gold. His is 5mm, mine is 3mm. So our bands will match, which we like... and they are good bands, but didn't break our bank. Mine was less expensive then we thought it would be... probably thanks to my baby sized fingers (I needed a size 3 and a half!!).

Okay, well, time to kick some work ass... hopefully be so productive today and tear through everything so that I don't have to put in that overtime. We'll see, but wish me luck!!

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