Bits and pieces in a bullet format because I'm lazy and I have a few completely unrelated things to mention:

  • First off, did anyone watch The Who tribute last night? It was pretty neat... my absolute favorite performance, Pearl Jam doing "Love Reign O'er Me":

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  • Secondly, there were some birthdays this week that I want to mention... my brother-in-law Andy, his wife Megan, and my father-in-law John all celebrated there birthdays (Tuesday, last Friday, and Wednesday to be exact). And my mommy's birthday was yesterday. My mom's gift was one night in a nice hotel in Bethlehem which Trav and I are paying for, and while my parent's are there we will be at their place watching the doggy. They are very excited!

  • Third... I'm uber-excited for some upcoming things.
    1) There is dinner next weekend with a group of friends (Ro & Pat, George & Barb, Jeremy & Kerry) at this fabulous looking restaurant. Is it weird that seeing rock shrimp tempura on the menu was enough to push my excitement over the edge?! Mmmm.
    2) There is a 3-Day Expo the weekend after next (3-day like the walk, not like the expo itself is three days!), where I'll get to meet more people doing the walk in our area. Plus there will be info on what/how to pack, and general info on happenings during the walk.
    3) There is my birthday in less then a month! We're heading out to dinner with Ro & Pat for that... plus that's the weekend we're doing the hotel thing for my parents.
    4) Then a week later... Cape Cod!! And this picture:
    (from Susan at Friday Playdate) just made me more excited for the Cape!! :-)

  • One random weird thing to throw in... I learned this week that a girl I went to high school with is pregnant. I've learned about dozens of pregnancies in the past year, and this girl and I don't even talk anymore (we just see each other online)... but for some reason this one hit me like none other have. It felt like a punch to the stomach, a felt almost sick. Ugh. So weird.

  • I'm a little piggy. I grabbed a packet of chicken noodle soup mix from the cabinet this morning to eat for breakfast when I got to work... I didn't realize until I went to make it that it wasn't an individual packet, but a packet that makes 4 cups! Whoops! So, my intentions were to eat maybe a third of it, then put the rest away for another time... well it was just so damn tasty that I had to eat it all. Who can resist yummy chicken noodle soup (the kind with the small, flat noodles that your mom gave you as a kid when you were sick) when they keep it about 65* in here with the damn AC?! ::oink::

  • Lastly, Trav has been a busy busy boy in that back bedroom... finishing the removal of the carpet padding last night while I was doing my 5miles. Maybe this weekend we can get that border down? I'll certainly at least sweep in there too, so that you can walk in without covering your socks in yellowish dust. Hmm, we might figure out what the hell we want to do with the closet too, and maybe remove the baseboards. We'll see! Pictures next week, I'm sure. We wait to hear back on our asbestos test before the tearing down of the ceiling begins, but things are moving along nicely!

And that's all she wrote for today! Off to finish this day up and get started on my weekend. Have a good one!

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