quicky wrap-up

I'll write more later, but to quickly summerize: the weekend was good! Fun, relaxing, enjoyable. We BBQed at Ro & Pat's on Friday, Ro and I walked on Saturday (8miles!) then we all went out to breakfast. Saturday night we went to the movies to see Wanted. Sunday Ro & I walked again... and I did a little cleaning/straightening, and lots of reading/relaxing. It was a pretty nice weekend overall.

Oh! A nice note, Trav and I went out on Sunday for a quick drive... with Trav behind the wheel! It went well and he felt good, so he's driving himself to work again!! Yay!

Now I have to run and get lots of work done. There is a mailing that needs to go out, and we need the library free tomorrow for an event... so... more once things aren't crazy!
It works out anyway since I wanted to have pictures to show you, and while I remembered to bring the cable to connect my camera to my computer... I forgot the camera! Makes it hard to download pictures. So, more tomorrow(ish).


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