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This morning it was all I could do to force myself right into work after I got off the train. It was just so lovely and cool... as I walked out of the trainstation I took this huge, filling breath of fresh, cool morning air. All I could think about was how amazing it would be to walk a few blocks to the right and plop myself on one of the benches in Rittenhouse Square Park to relax, people watch, breathe deep.

But, seeing as I was the only person in the office until around 10ish, maybe even 11... that just wasn't feasible. Maybe next week.

So thanks to Stacey from Permanent Vacation, I entertained myself with Wordle this morning! I created these pieces of wordart:

This one reminds me of a corndog:

But these are my favorites:

Now for the heartwrenching:
Today one of my best friends from high school (Cassie) has to go to court to try and win her daughter back.

Her ex, Todd, who is Skyeler's father hit her with a PFA (Protection From Abuse) because he claims that she and her boyfriend (now, since all this, ex-bf) Miah are sexually abusing Skyeler. She was expressing some normal 3 year old interest in anatomy that Todd found uncomfortable, and he claims Skyeler said some weird things.

The thing is, he has done this before. He put a PFA against his now wife, Amanda, when they had broken up before. Not to mention the fact that Amanda has tried to create a perfect little family with Todd, Savanah (her & Todd's daughter) and Skyeler... for which they need Cas out of the picture. Amanda has gone so far as to try to get Skyeler to call her "mommy". She's even made comments online about getting what Cassie wants and that she "won".

I'm so pissed off about this whole thing that I'm seeing red. Nobody is perfect, but Cassie is a great mom... and to anyone that spends time with her it is so apparent that her daughter is the light of her life. She would never hurt her.
This pisses me off even more because I went through something like this when I was in 5th grade, except I was the child. My half-sister (90% sure) talked to CPS about my dad, saying that he sexually abused me (because she was angry at him for her own dumb things). My dad had many faults, and we had our issues, but he would never NEVER physically or sexually abuse me, EVER (luckily the state agreed, and all charges were wholeheartedly dismissed). Its shitty as hell being the child in the mess, and I was at least old enough to know what was going on. I can't imagine how Skye feels right now.... and who knows what Amanda is saying to her about why she can't see Cassie! It makes me so mad because anyone who can put a child through this for their own messed up reasons is a sh!t person as far as I'm concerned (obviously this excludes those who honestly think the child is being abused!).

Thankfully Cassie found a great lawyer, who saw right through Todd and Amanda's horrible ploy. This woman is confident that they can win this.

Cas's next step, after she gets these ridiculous charges dropped, is that she wants full custody of Skyeler. She doesn't mind sharing nights with Todd... but under no circumstances does she want her daughter to be alone with Amanda anymore (as is, Amanda stays home while Cas and Todd work days, so she is alone with Skyeler a lot). Cas is willing to spend the money on a daycare/sitter instead.

Hopefully I'll have some good news later, after Cassie's hearing. I am 100% sure that Cas is innocent, and this whole situation just makes me sick. My heart is aching for Cassie and Skyeler. So if you can spare a few minutes today, think of Cas and her daughter... and send they some positive vibes/good karma!

Well, time for me to get some lunch. Have a great weekend.

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