nice weekend

A quicky, since I have to go set up a telephone conference in just a bit. The weekend was really nice... and busy... and hot... and tiring! I walked 10 miles Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday, which went fine except that Sunday was so hot and sunny, and the walk I did didn't have much shade... so I got a bit of sun on the back of my neck, and was completely exhausted (and soaked) by the end of my walk.

Trav got some more done on the room while I was out both days... the blinds, closet door, bar from the closet, and most of the baseboards (minus the side with the radiator since that will take a bit of extra work) are down. Firday we went to the Home Depot to pick up some tools we needed... a pry bar, some squares of sandpaper, more spackle, some paint samples, etc. And on Sunday we went out to the Lowes and took advantage of a sale they were having (10% off Energy Star ceiling fans!), plus a coupon we had, to get our ceiling fan*... plus new outlets, some more paint color samples, and a few other odds and ends. We get to call this week about the asbestos test, so after that... the ceiling!

Besides all that, we headed to Ro & Pat's for dinner on Sunday night. Good food and good company, have to love that. We all headed out to Bruster's for ice cream before Trav and I headed back home (saw some great lightning! but it didn't pan out to much). And that was our weekend!

News and pictures tomorrow.

*This one:
Plus a light kit for it... so it will be like the picture, but with four lights on the bottom. Yay! :-)

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