This is the dawning of the age of...

the Leo!
(ha, ten bucks says you have a certain song stuck in your head now!)

Fun Facts: Leo (July 23 - August 22)

When the mighty Lion enters center stage, everyone notices. This dramatic, creative, and outgoing sign has the keyword magnetism for good reason. Fiery and self-assured, a Leo's charm can be almost impossible to resist. Whether it's time spent with family and friends or efforts on the job scene, a Leo is going to bring a lot to the table.

Friends and Family

By far the most generous of the zodiac, Leos make loyal and giving friends. They'll
go out of their way to help even when it conflicts with their own schedules. The Leo is a strong, confident personality who has the ability to make almost everyone comfortable. Unassuming and gracious, they love to host parties and events. The Leo is rarely found alone - interacting is second nature. Close friends are chosen for their ability to keep up with the Leo's energy along with a strong sense of dignity and a commitment to individual values. When family is involved, the mighty Lion will do whatever it takes to defend loved ones. Loyalty for the Leo is for a lifetime. They pride themselves on being there for family through thick and thin.

Career and Money

Leos are doers. I will is the key phrase for this sign. There's a lot of energy packed into this sign, and they're always going to be busy, regardless of whatever else is happening around them. They are ambitious, creative, and optimistic. It's not enough for a Leo to just do the job. In order to suffice, it must be done to the absolute best of their ability. Once committed to an employer, they will go all-out, but the best situation for the Leo is to be his or her own boss.

Careers that allow for the Leo's dramatic flair, such as acting and entertaining, are ideal. Such positions give the Lion free rein. Other occupations such as management, teaching, and politics are well-suited, too. Anything that puts a Leo in a leadership position will give this sign the opportunity to do what comes naturally.

Leos love to surround themselves with the things they fancy. Because money usually comes readily to the Leo, there's always more where that came from. Money is meant to be spent as far as this sign is concerned - and spend they will. Generous in spirit, a Leo will give away their last dollar to help a friend. They're always confident that there will be more, and there usually is. There's never a lack of work for a Leo. In fact, there's generally more work available to them than they can keep up with.

Love and Sex

This fiery sign is passionate and forthright with affections. When it comes to sex, you can expect the Leo to be adventurous, fun, and highly energetic. There is a definite line of division between sex and love for Leos. Mates are chosen for their willingness to allow the Leo to take the lead, shine brightly, and be independent. They look for uninhibited lovers who aren't self-conscious. As accepting as the Leo is, a mate needs to be an intellectual equal to cut the mustard. Leos are loving, fun, and very giving to those in their personal life.


Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Leo are the heart, sides, and upper back.

Ruling Planet
The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun. Considered the masculine principal of the horoscope, the Sun rules men in general, health, leadership, rank, authority, progress, energy, dignity, the capacity for experience, and the sense of identity.

The color of choice for Leo is gold.

Leo's star stone is the Ruby.

The Perfect Gift
The best gift for a Leo is a status symbol item or a family-related collectible such as a keepsake album.

The theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colors.

Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being king or queen.

Natural sign of the Fifth House. This house focuses on sports, children, creativity, amusements, love that you give, love affairs, speculations, and romance.

Famous Leos
Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Steve Carell, Barack Obama, Casey and Ben Affleck

Best travel destination
Italy, France, Romania, Peru, Chicago, Los Angeles

Warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity

Arrogance, stubbornness, inflexibility, self-centeredness, laziness

Charismatic marks
Regal manner, powerful, strong, muscular

Best environment
In the sun! Also any place where Leo has a chance to be creative or shine in front of others.

This is the perfect day to dawn a Leo too... at least it is for this Leo! The heat wave has finally broken, at least for the moment. Perfect timing too considering this is about the time of summer when I start to get depressed that I still have another 1.5 - 2 months of horrid heat left before fall weather comes. The high for today (through next Tuesday) is supposed to be in the 80s and they are calling for a weeks worth of thunderstorms! I'm hoping they will pan out.

Right now I'm enjoying being snuggly in the clunky button-up sweater I brought to work just for the occasion... its always cold in our office, even on the 99* days... so today its basically sub-artic! But I'm cozy in my sweater, with my hot chocolate. Color me content! :-)

One last thing to leave you with today... have you all seen this video (got some play on the Today show recently) about the lion and his boys? So sweet, definitely watch it!

Have a great day!

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