Can you believe its the last day in July?! This month has flown! And August is already looking pretty busy (outside work, work is calm for me in August), so it will probably pass pretty quickly too. Especially since we just got the all clear on our guest bedroom ceiling (no asbestos, let the room redo truly commence!)... so we'll be finishing that up. AND Trav got the all clear yesterday to remove the boot (which he is thrilled about), for the most part (has to put it back on for any lifting, or if he's going to be on it for long periods of time, etc.)... which means some time in rehab this month, building the muscle back up in that leg, and getting the movement back in his ankle. His doc was really happy and surprised with how well his ankle had healed. Good stuff!

So how did we celebrate Trav's good news? In true form, we ate leftovers and then broke out the Scrabble to play a few rounds. It was fun, although I got grumpy by the end because I kept losing. :-p

Today started off nicely for me since the first face I got to see when I arrived at work was this one:

How could you resist smiling after seeing that face?! :-) I can't!! Even better, he had stopped by with his mommy (on his way to daycare) to drop off these:

They are orange cakes, and they are Jan and my favorites!!

So tasty! They are a light cake with an orange taste to it, with a little bit of creamy filling that is also orange flavored. Miyano's mom sent them to her from Japan with Jan in mind, and luckily for me, Jan likes to share.

Well, time to get me some lunch. Cheers!

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