what happens when I get bored at work...

An oldy, but a goody... in honor of the X-files movie:

And an article about six "real life X-files".

Also, found this great site called PhotoFunia, where you get to make things like this:

(And how could I resist making this one?!)

Good times.

Today is the last day that the boss is away... which means that I really do need to get my ass in gear and get some work done. Yesterday it just wasn't happening, such a case of the Mondays (which is when I made the above). But today I can feel the productivity! So, off I go.

1 week, 4 days until date night with Ro & Pat!
2 weeks, 3 days until my birthday!
2 weeks, 4 days until we spend the night at my parents, so they can spend the night at a nice hotel. :-)
3 weeks, 3 days until we leave for Cape Cod!

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  1. Being an X-Files fan, and knowing all the whisper-whisper-whisper (maybe NOT so whispery) about Moulder and Scully, that photo makes me get all girly and jaw-dropping. I need to send that to another friend of mine that gets the same way.

    Shocking, but not?!

    Saying hello, too. :)


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