a few happy updates

So I left work a little early yesterday to come home and cook some curry before Trav came home and I had to leave to walk. It turned out very yummy... spicy! But yummy! When I got home from my walk I wandered upstairs to see what Trav was up to... and I found this:

He had taken the futon apart and moved it out of the room... and then started pulling up carpet to see what we had to deal with underneath. The first thing he found is that the carpet padding is so old it can't be removed as a whole, but rather flaked off! Luckily it comes off easily and underneath that padding is some great news:

Let me get a bit closer:
Its dirty and dusty and needs to be cleaned up a bit... but what beautiful wood floors we have to work with!! :-)
Not to say its all going to be easy-peasy... with the carpet gone the molding doesn't reach the floor!

So we'll have to remove that and redo the molding... but, I think, a small price to pay for beautiful floors.

Also, we decided on our paint colors/design! We are going to be doing something similar to this:

Except the whole wall will be a light blue, with brown:

and purple dots:

Almost like this horribly messing quick thing I threw together in paint... except, you know, not horribly messy:

So! That is our updated, lovely news about the guest bedroom project. Yay! More soon, I'm sure!

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