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A big ole Congrats to Bill (& Lauren) from Poop & Boogies who are expecting baby #3! Very exciting news for them!

So in some other fun news... Trav and I spent much of last night cleaning out the guest bedroom. I mean, everything out! Boxed up, carried in stacks, filling up our other rooms... out! After three years we are finally going to fix this room up, from top to bottom. Getting rid of the popcorn ceiling, changing out the ugly light fixture for a ceiling fan, removing the border and painting the walls, and ripping up the carpet to either reveal lovely floors below that can be fixed up a bit... or if its too bad, new carpeting! I'm so psyched for this project. Not only will we have a nicer guest bedroom when this is all said and done, but also a room that is ready to be transformed (much easier) into a nursery when that time comes.

So here's what it looks like now (actually, after I took this picture Trav emptied the bed completely... so it is literally just the futon in there now):

Of course all the furniture and stuff had to go somewhere! So our office:

(We have lots of books)

And our dining room:
And our bedroom:

Well they all have a little extra at the moment! The office is obviously the worst of it right now. But its worth it because soon we will have a lovely new room, and I'm going to go through EVERYTHING before we put any of it back... so the room will be completely decluttered as well. Which makes me very happy.

These pictures can be some before pictures for you, and slowly but surely over the next few weeks I should have some after ones to share!

I'm in a great mood today... lots of exciting, fun, and positive things going on right now. Plus I've been pretty productive already today, which makes for a happy Meegs.

Well, time to get some lunch. Ta-ta!

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