if its not babies, its ducks!

If its not babies with me lately, its ducks. But I couldn't not pass on this adorable story about the office workers who helped save the ducks! :-)

So sweet!!

And another online story to check out... I read Anthony Bourdain's blog all the time (love me some No Reservations!), and he pointed to his crew's blog for a particular entry about their recent trip to Saudi Arabia from the point of view of their female producer. Such a new perspective on a very different culture. Worth the read.

So another scrummy sweater day... high around 80*... very fine by me! We did end up getting some lovely big thunderstorms last night, big on thunder and lightning, which I quite enjoyed. Maybe more tonight? Either way, it means nights where we don't need the air conditioning running, and instead can get nice and chilled just with the fan in the window. Only a week left in July, can you believe it?

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