what a week!

Well this week turned out to be so damn busy! A big mailing, a pain-in-the-ass event, and then normal evening activities left me no time for posting. But! Thankfully my boss is now on vacation, leaving me with a relaxing Thursday - Tuesday within which to catch up (although not so motivated to do anything... even post a real post).

So! First some random pictures which I finally got around to downloading from my camera.

Here we have a lovely picture of Travis's healing ankle! This was right after he got the staples out, and it looks even better now:

Okay, now that that one is out of the way, we have some pictures to share from the BBQ at Ro & Pat's:

Either Sunday or Monday (I can't remember which), he had one of those freak summer storms... the kind where the sky just opens up all of a sudden and pours down buckets of rain. Well, I decided to snap some pictures of it. And, as it turns out, I could have taken these same pictures last night when we got another one of those storms:

(Our sidewalk was a pool:)

And lastly, one that I snapped quickly this morning... since I semi-promised dorky pictures of me in some wizarding robes, but I just never got around to that this weekend. So, here's one of me waving my wand... you'll just have to wait for Halloween for dorky robed pictures:

Anyway, those are all the pictures I have to share... but I did make something special today, just for fun. Enjoy!

Okay, well time to get some actual work done. Back tomorrow!

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