happy holiday ya'll

Flag outside of 30th St. Station, Philadelphia
(I took this in March or April)

Well, today we had our annual fourth of july lunch at work to celebrate the holiday and toast our nation (which we do with brandy and cognac... oh yes... yay freedom!). It was lovely, good food and a great break in the middle of the day. I had to install some software on my bosses computer afterwards so our business manager can have remote access to his computer. A quick feeling out makes me think that I'll be able to use this to my advantage when we decide to have kids... maybe working from home one day a week. Nice!

We're looking forward to a relaxing three-day weekend. Tomorrow we head to Ro & Pat's for a BBQ with some friends... maybe we'll catch some fireworks somewhere, maybe just on TV... otherwise, the weekend is wide open. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Anyone else care to share their plans?

Meanwhile, I think I'll be able to share some fun news next week... I'm just waiting to get the go ahead from the friend it involves. I'll also probably have some silly pictures to share from the BBQ... and maybe also of me in full dorkdom, as Travis has recently shown his appreciation for my nursemaiding with not only an Alivander's wand (as mentioned here... its beautiful, it is!), but also some wizarding robes! Lol, any guesses on what Meegs is going to be for Halloween this year?! :-) I'm stupidly happy about all this.

Well, I'm going to finish up a few things and get ready to leave early. I have to pick up my boy and get this weekend started! Cheers!

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