6 week letter

Dear Blobby-Baby,

Can I talk about the world I'm bringing you into? Yesterday we swore into office the first black president of the United States. This is big... not just because I am a supporter of President Obama, which I am! But also because of the history that was made. I want to impress on you how historic this election, and yesterday's ceremony, was little one. But also, I am happy that I will have to explain to you why that is true. That it won't just be apparent... because you, my child, will never remember a time when a black man couldn’t be president. This is so amazingly wonderful to me.

When I was in elementary school, I had a class period where we would get to play on computers. We learned to type on the keyboard, and got to play a game called Oregon Trail, which many people my age remember fondly. When my family got its first computer at home, it was a very big deal for your grandparents... it was fun and exciting for me to... but not in the way it was for my parents, who didn't grow up with computers. I never really understood what the big deal was, because in my lifetime, computers for personal use were always possible. That’s how you, my lovely bean, will feel about a black president; it will be something that is just part of the landscape.

Baby, you are so lucky to have been born in a time where this is possible, in a time where generations have come together to change the face of our country... to point out that we don't want to have our highest office chosen by ignorant, racism, and fear. We have finally stood up and said, enough, we are more civilized than all of that.

I finally feel like we may have the momentum to change and fix so much of what has gone wrong — from economics to the environment, to health care and humanitarian disasters — that instead of leaving your generation with a burden almost impossible to climb, there is hope that we may in fact leave you with a world that is better than the one you were born into.

I love you so much already little one. And I'm so very very hopeful for your future.


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