I'm at work, but wishing I were not, since it is a gross day. My MIL just arrived from Arizona last night, and I bet she took one look around and said, "This is why I moved away and am never coming back." I can't blame her. It snowed some last night, but then turned to freezing rain... making for a lovely time this morning. I missed my train since it took me so long to scrape away enough ice so that I could actually see out of my car. Then on my walk in, my boots got completely soaked through because of the frozen drains on the corners that didn't let the pooling rain in... thus creating lovely ponds at every intersection. I have to pee very badly, but seeing as my boots and socks are draped over my heater at the moment, I just have to wait. Its supposed to get up to 40* today, then down to 20something tonight... meaning everything will melt during the day, then refreeze overnight. It should be lovely again tomorrow morning.

On a nicer note, I started of my day with a great breakfast of fruit, cheese, and humus on pitas. Mmm.... I love tasty leftovers! I'm also getting a new work chair today or tomorrow, as mine is worn out, and frankly too big for my desk... meaning that it doesn't pull in all the way and I end up hunching over my desk, leading to a killer back ache. So! I'm getting a new one and am stupidly excited about it. Trav and I are meeting my MIL for dinner tonight also, which will be nice.

As an aside, I can't believe that its almost February. January has been a really good month, and has flown by. Here's hoping the rest of 2009 follows suit. :-)

Okay, back to work. So so much to do before my week off!

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