the babymaking

When Trav and I first started to try for a baby, I remember feeling elated. It was our turn! At any point we could have been pregnant! I couldn't believe that I didn't look different to match with how different I felt. Of course, maybe I did, since I'm sure I walked around with a very stupid grin on my face. ;-)

Then we got pregnant. The stupid grin got bigger. Another blogger said it best (many many months ago):

She described a feeling of sitting at work, shortly after learning she was pregnant but before she and her husband had announced anything, looking around her and being stunned at the ignorance of her co-workers. She said she constantly felt like yelling, "Hey, this totally amazing thing is happening to me and you don't even know about it! How can you not know? How can you not be aware of this huge, incredible thing that is going on in my life?"

... I feel like I *must* look different somehow, even though I know that is impossible. There is an intense dissonance there, between how I am thinking about myself and my life right now, and how everyone else around me is. It's weird when you think about something for so long, want something for so long. To actually be in the midst of it...

Everyday I feel like shouting, look at me! I'm pregnant! It's so hard not to burst and just tell everyone. Here's hoping the next 7 weeks speed by.

5w, 2d pregnant

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