grace in small things

I totally stole this idea from Friday Playdate, but there is no way I'm going to do this everyday... I just want to do it once in a while. Sometimes though, its necessary, fun, positive to point out the little things in everyday life that make you happy. Things that in and of themselves don't make for good reading or a whole blog post, but which made your day just a little brighter. So here are my grace in small things:

1. My coworker who brought in pre-sliced sharp cheddar cheese and told me to help myself.

2. Left over wonton soup waiting for me in the fridge.

3. Fabulous, loving in laws who are coming to visit today.

4. Private little secrets between you and your husband, which give you warm fuzzies everytime you think of them.

5. My soft, snuggly sweater.

6. Having so much to look forward to... seeing friends, parties, road trips.

7. Being blessed with amazing friends and family.

Where do your little bits of grace come from?

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