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I've had this window sitting open for hours now and I just can't find the words to actually put together a post. Work is busy, but that's boring and I complain about it enough. You don't want to hear that I'm sure. The weekend was great, but that was mostly because it was super relaxing and lazy. Makes for a great weekend, but not a great post. We enjoyed the hell out of it seeing as we only have next weekend free, then we have plans the following weekend, and the one after that is when we get Daisy! So... our days are going to change. Relaxing will look different. Although I'm sure she would have enjoyed the two long walks I took this weekend... one with Trav on Saturday, and one with Ro on Sunday. Ro's doing good, getting big, very ready to meet her girl. I told her she had to wait at least until next weekend though so that I can get one more pictures of her pregnant, since I forgot my camera this time. I don't think there is anyway that she'll make it to her due date... she's had some spotting and has been having contractions on and off for the past week or so. But who knows, maybe little GG will enjoy pulling a fast one on all of us and not come until a week late?!

Oh! i did think of one thing I meant to write. Not anything great, but just how psyched and proud I am about the Eagles win yesterday! It might not have been the best game ever, but we pulled it off in the end, which is all that matters. I'm happy for the Steelers too. Obviously we're a household divided, but we can agree on one thing... which is that an all PA SuperBowl would be awesome!! :-) So that's what I'm hoping for. Chances are there will be at least one PA team in the big game, but I think both would be even better. Lol.
Of course, the Super Bowl is the day after Willy's birthday party... for which Trav's parents and two brothers will be in town. So heaven help me if it is a PA game, since I will be sorely outnumbered!

Okay, I'm going to go eat some chow. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more interesting things to say.

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