year of the ox

Weeks before a week off are always the longest. Or maybe the second longest after the week when you return to work after the week off. Either way, its the Monday of what will probably be a long week. But, a good one too I'm sure. Trav's parents are coming in this week, as are his brothers, for Willy's 85th birthday this weekend. We're also getting Daisy on Friday and couldn't be more excited.

As for today... well I have a busy busy work day ahead of me, so much to get done before my week off. And it is also the Chinese New Year! Welcome to the year of the ox!

This past weekend was great... I didn't want it to end. We did lots of relaxing, some shopping, and stopped by Willy's on Sunday to make sure things were in some kind of order before Trav's parents get in. Saturday was great because I got to spend time with two of my lovely ladies. My hoser came down and we went out to a nice dinner at the Pearl. It was great to catch up and hear about all the new stuff in her life. Since I last saw her she's gotten engaged, picked a wedding date, started her last semester of law school, and moved in with her fiance. We had plenty to talk about. After dinner we headed over to a still pregnant Ro's house.

We watched some movies and hung out, then Lauren took me home and headed back to Jersey.
I'm already looking forward to seeing Hoser again, and the fact that thanks to a bridal shower and wedding we're both attending, I'll actually get to see her three times in three months! :-)

As for now, its time for me to get back to work. Lots to do!

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