this is why i love my job (UPDATED)

I ran out to pick up some lunch today for myself and two of my coworkers, courtesy of my "work mommy" Jan... miso soup, salad with ginger dressing, a shrimp tempura roll, and an avocado roll... so good! As I walked up to the one end of the office to deliver food to one of the coworkers, I heard her on the phone chatting away in Hebrew. Then as I walked back down towards my side of the office, I heard Miyano at her desk chatting to her husband on the phone in Japanese. I love that. I love that our office is very "international", cultured, and diverse. I don't know if I could be happy somewhere that wasn't. And thankfully I won't have to anytime soon either as there was a Staff meeting called yesterday to let us know that while raises are going to be put off until later in the year, no one is being laid off. I wasn't worried, but that's still hugely nice to hear!!

Another reason? A different coworker from the aboved named ones just dropped by my office to give me a package of almonds that she picked up for me at Trader Joe's. Just because she thought I would like them! :-) What great people I work with.

What else? Trav and I hit up the hockey game on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun like always... even though Philly lost. We had a great time, and he enjoyed laughing at me when I would yell at the players. He was also a huge sweetie and sent me a gift that day from Harry & David's. A pear tower (mmm, I love pears). Such a sweetie I have.

My only other update at the moment is Ro. I emailed her to ask how she was feeling and if she was still up for dinner this coming weekend... and this was the reply: "Dinner sounds good if I am not in the hospital. My blood pressure is pretty high. I have to go into the doctors [today] to have it checked again. Other than that the doctor said that she wants me to have the baby soon. I measured at a 41 cm on Tuesday and the doctor thinks the baby is over eight pounds now. So she is hoping I go into labor a little early. I hope so too because I am hurting pretty bad."
So sent Ro some labor thoughts! Maybe for dinner this weekend we'll whip up something spicy. Maybe she'll go into labor for dessert. ;-)

Okay, back to work I go!

UPDATED AT 2:10 to add: Ro just called to let me know that her blood pressure is still high, so they are admitting her to the hospital for observation. Hopefully, it will just be some observation, then she'll be released... but if her BP goes up anymore or she has any other problems, they'll be inducing her! Best case scenario at this point, hopefully she goes into labor on her own! I'll let you know what happens!

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