another bpf and appointments

I took another test this morning... because 1) there were two in the box, so why not... and 2) because I really wanted that extra reassurance. Not only was the second line there, but it was definitely darker. Woot!

See... here's both for comparision:

So, that being done, I called the Birth Center this morning to set up my first appointment. We are scheduled for a orientation on the 29th at 7pm... and my first actual appointment is February 3rd at 8am. Can't wait!!

Also, in case anyone is wondering... my symptoms so far are sore boobs and more gas. I've also been peeing and eating a ton! :-) I'm so psyched for every part of this pregnancy.

This week our little blob of cells is the size of a poppy seed:

Holy crap, I'm pregnant!

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