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Its Monday, and I'm lucky enough to have the day off. So I'm relaxing, waiting for Trav to get home, watching some TV and trying to stay warm! This weekend was a nice one. Saturday Trav & I set up the dog crate that we got for free. Its huge! I fit in it easily. That will be nice for when Daisy grows up, but for now... we'll have to figure something out. Luckily Trav's brother said she'd be arriving in a crate, so that might be what we start off with. We also figured out what kind of dog food we're going to get. That was actually a harder decision then we thought it would be. But we're happy with what we chose... Iams... which is not too expensive, but has healthy, quality ingredients (chicken is the main ingredient). So now we just have to pick some up, plus a Kong, a bed for the big crate, and eventually a gate. A week and a half to go!

That night, Trav & I, plus Ro & Pat, checked out a restaurant in the city (on South St.) that we'd never been to before called L2. It was good... but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there again. We had a great time though... especially when we played pass the dessert at the end. :-) I took some shots of Ro that night, 38 weeks:

She's definitely uncomfortable, but trying to relax and wait for the baby to come. I headed there today so that we could take a snowy walk around the neighborhood (brisk!). The baby already dropped, and she was having some good contractions after our walk, so she's hoping it helped! Maybe I'll get some baby news soon.
Sunday was a day of football. And snow! The Eagles are out... but I can still route for the Steelers for the rest of the year. As for that snow, its still covering the ground and for part of the day, still coming down. I enjoy it as long as it doesn't make driving difficult.

That's about it for the weekend. It was nice, just what I needed. I don't want to go to work tomorrow... its always harder after the longer weekends... but at least the weekend was nice. And tomorrow is a big day!!


  1. Hey Meegs

    A couple of thoughts on the dog. If the crate is too big you could cut a piece of wood so it blocks part of the crate. That way you can custom fit it as she gets bigger. You really don't want her to have too much room as if they can have an area to sleep in and an area to pee in they will pee in the crate. Also it might just be my dog but Darwin is vey gassy on Iams we have him on Eukanuba which is not much more expensive and is actually the same co. so if Daisy is gassy you may want to switch. That's all I got. You must be so excited for your new puppy.

  2. Hey Sam,
    Yeah... Trav was actually playing around tonight with making a piece of board that will fit across the crate with two sliding pieces on the back so that we can lock it into the slates... but adjust it as she gets bigger. That was a bad description, but we definitely plan to make it smaller so she only has sleeping room.

    As for the food, we were actually deciding between the Eukanuba and the Iams, but Trav's bro said that they didn't really like the Eukanuba. So we'll try the Iams first, but I'll watch for gassyness. If she does end up gassy, maybe we'll let her try the Eukanuba again.

    We are so excited! :-)


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