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I don't want every post I make about my pregnancy to be complaining... but I really want to record it all, to remember every detail. And right now, that means talking about how I sort of feel like crap a lot. Not horrible, just off most of the time. Right now that means tired, periods of nausea all day, bloated to the point that I already broke out my imitation bella band, so at least when I have to unbutton my pants they won't fall down, and no one can really notice. I'm having trouble concentrating at work right now, and meal times are hard because there isn't much that I want to eat at the moment, or if there is something I want, it never seems to be something I have. Also, I get hungry, but if I eat a full meal then my stomach feels achy and bloated. I messed with my routine this morning (ate my crackers before brushing my teeth instead of the other way around) and almost threw up while brushing my teeth, then again while in the shower. I've been waking up on average around once a night to pee, but last night I woke up twice, then ended up getting up about 10 minutes early because I had to pee again. It's 10am and I've already peed 3 times today, and I need to go again.

But. I'm thrilled. I really am. I'm still estatic over this pregnancy and the fact that I actually get to say, "I'm pregnant!" I would go through all this and more for the little blob of a baby that currently forming eyes in my uterus, with its little heart beating away. It will all be worth it when we see our little one at the first ultrasound (about 5.5weeks from now!).

This weekend I get to tell Lauren (Hoser), and I can.not. wait for her reaction. The weekend after that hopefully we'll be telling Trav's parents. Then two weekends after that, mine. Each of those is going to be awesome. It's so amazing to share this with others.

6w, 5d

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