awkward stage #1

I feel like I'm in a really awkward stage of pregnancy... its before you're ready to announce your impending parenthood, so its really hard to explain why you're practically barfing on your coworker's shoe. And falling asleep in the middle of the day. And peeing 900 times.


Last night was our orientation at the Birth Center. I ended up sitting next to this really sweet girl who was also dealing with some nausea... and it was just so so nice to be with someone who really understood what I was feeling. Not that Travis isn't great... he is! So great! He's sympathetic and helpful, caring and sweet. But still, he isn't going through it... and it was so nice to have someone understand it exactly with just a look.

As for the orientation itself. It was fine. Nice because it was our first baby related appointment! And I did hear some statistics I wasn't aware of. Plus we got a tour of the birthing rooms. Not so great because it was long and full mostly of information I already knew. Oh well. Real first appointment on Tuesday!

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