rough week

I'm so happy its Friday, its been a bit of a rough week. Work has been busy, of course, extra so because of my time off next week... and I've had a bit of a stomach something which never helps. Especially since I didn't feel like I could take any sick days this week, what with having the whole next week off. Even when you start to get over something like that, it leaves you feeling so drained... and I didn't sleep well at all last night, waking up 3 or 4 times and having trouble getting back to sleep afterwards. So this morning, when I had to wake up earlier then normal, I was feeling crappy again, and was definitely a cranky mess!! Poor Trav. :-) But, I just have to get through the day and then I don't have to worry about work for 9 more!

I'm excited and nervous for this weekend. Excited because of getting to see all of Trav's family, and getting Daisy tonight!! Nervous because, well, we're getting a PUPPY tonight! Gah! Plus, pretty much all of our family visiting interactions involve food, and with a freshly recovering tummy, I don't want to push it. So I am a little worried about that. But it really should be fun... and if I really need to escape, I can blame it on needing to check on the dog!

As for next week, well I'm sure I'll be popping in to tell you about my adventures (hopefully no misadventures) in crate training! Plus general puppy bonding and settling in. From what Trav's brother and his wife have been telling us, it seems like Daisy is a fast learner, so hopefully she'll pick it all up quickly.

Anyway, I really don't have time to write anything else at the moment, but I wanted to at least get something down here so you all know I'm not dead, and to explain why I probably won't be posting a lot next weekend. Enjoy the last of your January!

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