all niced up

Sooo... the holiday party. Three of Trav's favorite people weren't there, which was a bummer. It was fine, but nothing super exciting. I have one little story about the evening:

I had to use the bathroom... I normally always hit the first stall (did you know the middle stall is normally most used, therefore dirtiest?), so in I go. I give the seat a quick wipe with toilet paper, pull down my pretty black undies, and back my ass up. Once I'm comfortably seated and peeing, I look to my right and rip off some toilet paper for when I'm done, look to my left and HOLY CRAP there is a big old gap between the wall and the end of the metal stall wall... directly in line with my body, sitting on the pot. If someone were washing their hands at the moment, we probably would have had an awkward eye contact moment because this was no small gap. Not to mention, they would have had a front seat view of my unmentionables! I have never peed faster in my life.

And that folks, was just about the most exciting part of the evening. Well, that and winning a door prize.

We did get gussied up though, and I think we looked damn good.

What do you think?

Today is the hockey game... and as I have a million pictures of hockey games, I probably won't really take any today (unless something big/exciting/different happens). But I might just take a dozen pictures of all the free food we'll be consuming! Trav got some kind of special ticket where you get to eat free. Watch out food stand guy, here I come.


  1. Definitely damn good looking.

    And I see your Flyers won tonight, also. Hope you had as good a time at your game as I did at ours! I love the all you can eat nights, we did that a few times last year.

  2. I need to read your blog more often! haha I had no idea you post almost everyday. I should definitely start doing this as well. I updated mine last month but that was about it hahaha. Anyway - I wanted to tell you that you guys looked smashing! You looked really good in that dress, are those different glasses?

  3. Thanks guys.
    Nope, not new glasses... just looked different with my hair out of my face, I guess!


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