that time of year

Yesterday I realized that its definitely that time of year again... no, not the holiday time, but the time when I start to hate my job. I was feeling very overwhelmed, and unappreciated. Yet another project came up, where it wasn't realized until after we were committed how much extra effort would be required, and guess who got it dumped in their lap? Yup. So I was feeling very put-upon and like I was floundering.

But instead of freaking out... I decided to make the best of it. I stayed at work until about 7pm last night - finished two projects that had been dragging along, completely emptied my email, and set up everything I would need for the new project so that when all the stuff starts coming in for it (probably next week) I would be as ready as possible. I'm feeling much more positive about it all today. Still a bit annoyed with the situation in general, but most of the job-loathing has disappated. (Not to say that if we came into some money I wouldn't be out of here so fast as to make they're heads spin, or that I wouldn't be all over the opportunity to go back to school if I could, but...)

As an aside... I think I could change my hours from 9-5 to 3-7, and get just as much work done. I'm so much more productive in the later hours, and specifically in those hours after most everyone else has gone home. I guess I just need the quiet, alone time to really get going. Somehow I don't think that will fly though!

Okay, back to it for me... still plenty to work on. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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