weekend part two

See two posts below if you missed the first part of the weekend... including Trav and I looking fabu, thankyouverymuch. ;-)

Today I had a late start... with my train running 40 minutes late. I wasn't too worried about it though, I just cranked the music up in my car and spent the extra time singing along. Thank G*d for nice thick windows! Lol.
But anyway, I am here now! And I definitely want to share a few more pictures from the weekend. So I already wrote about Trav's Christmas party, and told you we were heading to the Flyers vs. Penguins game on Saturday. We ate so much free food. Between us we ate four hot dogs, three orders of nachos, a box of popcorn, two ice creams, and five sodas. ::pauses to clutch stomach:: I do have just two pictures to share, though they aren't of food...

(Like my new hat? Its a panda hat and was made by Lauren at Gigglepotamus, wife of Bill at PoopandBoogies... who has her own etsy shop... which is full of adorable things! Check her out! Stat!)

(Malkin is Trav's favorite player.)
I, of course, was happy since the Flyers kicked some ass. But we both had a great time since it was a good game. And we had a ton of free food.

Sunday was lazy! Though we did put up our outdoor Christmas lights. This isn't the best picture, but you at least get the idea:

We also headed over to see Ro & Pat for dinner... which was nice since we haven't see them in about two weeks. We are just too damn busy this time of year.

Here's Ro at 33 weeks. She's getting close. We were hanging out and talking... and GG was rolling around, kicking and moving like a champ. Ro let me feel her, which is still so crazy! I love it, although I like to tease her that its like something from one of the Alien movies!

Now its on to a new week... and I definitely have to get to work since I still have plenty to do, but less time to do it in. Ciao bambinos!

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