A big freakin negative. It's not over until I see red... but I have no hope left for this month. So frustrating. I know its such a hit or miss thing, but we had such good timing. Just frustrating.

Then add to that the fact that feeling meloncholy about not getting pregnant in month two just makes me feel damn guilty. How many blogs do I read about people with fertility issues that tried for years without getting pregnant! Here's a great example right here... from Romancing the Stork. And I'm complaining about two months.
(As an aside, right now... half my blogs are pregnant people or ones with recently born babies, kind of freakin torturous!)

I know I can't help feeling bummed, but I still feel guilty.

And what if I do end up being pregnant this month (yeah, right)... then I've made a big deal out of nothing. God, what a mind f*ck ttc is!

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